Chef David deMercado

Flavor, a passion for the freshest ingredients, taste, technique and the curiosity to combine these elements into a memorable eating experience summarize Chef David's approach to food.


Chef David has had memorable food experiences his entire life.These experiences and the desire to create the freshest food of the highest caliber are what fuels his culinary passion to this day. Clambakes in Rhode Island hosted by friends who were lobstermen. Clambake morning was spent digging clams, hauling lobster pots, gathering rock weed, digging the fire pit, making chowder. Then several hours later when the bake was considered done, the tarp was rolled back releasing a steam fragrant of the sea and the feast would begin. Picking fruits and berries in season with family. The harvest would immediately be made into jams, pies and cobblers. Fishing trips where the fresh caught native trout or striped bass would literally go from water to pan. So fresh, so good. All of these experiences have left their culinary mark on him. So much so that Chef David also endeavors to create other food experiences by growing and producing many of the foods his family loves.

Chef David is of the belief that a home garden is the absolute best place to get the freshest and finest produce and herbs in season and because of this, he has been an avid gardener for years. He grows many varieties of tomatoes from slicers to grape to pear and even heirloom tomatoes along with herbs. When fresh picked, sliced, then tossed with good olive oil, fresh picked oregano and fresh mozzarella, this makes for an incredible summer salad. Fragrant fresh picked basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, garlic and good olive oil ground into that ambrosial green paste that is pesto, served over pasta. Eggplant and many varieties of peppers charred on the grill just right, then finished with a drizzle of Balsamic vinegar. These are all tastes that Chef David chases everyday in an effort to produce the highest quality meals for his clients.

Chef David's curiosity has also prompted him to make many specialty food items right in his own kitchen. He is a hot pepper fan so he puts up several cases each summer of his home grown mild to extreme hot peppers. He has trouble keeping enough for the year as the word has spread amongst his hot pepper loving friends. Chef David also makes beer and bread from scratch. How better to understand a process then to actually figure out how to make a high quality version yourself.

Quite a while ago Chef David discovered the spicy Korean condiment Kimchee. Back then recipes for making Kimchee were not readily available, so what does Chef David do? He goes to an Asian grocery where they make Kimchee and in a friendly conversation with the owner, comes out with the owners recipe and ingredients for a 2 gallon batch of Kimchee. That first and subsequent batches have all been tastey successes.

Chef David's restaurant training under executive chef John Wiskoski of the Shirkshire Restaurant in Bennington Vermont refined his appreciation and ability to work with the highest quality ingredients. Prime beef was dry aged and hand cut on the premises, soups and stocks were all made from scratch and only the freshest fish from Foley of Boston was used.

These traditions of culinary excellence are what Chef David will bring to the meals he prepares in your kitchen.

Chef David is a proud member of The American Personal Chef Association.
Chef David is a ServSafe certified food safety professional. This national certification program ensures proper food handling techniques and procedures are known and practiced.

Dinner as You Please
Glastonbury CT 06033
Owner/Chef: David deMercado
Phone: 860-657-4663

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